Carrie Meyer

Yoga Teacher
Sacramento, California
(916) 600-6557

As a veteran teacher in the Sacramento yoga community and an integrator of different threads of learning, Carrie offers classes that are informed by a rich blend of education and life experience including over eight years of residing, working, and traveling in multiple foreign countries, the majority of the time steeped in Eastern culture. From her first in-depth yoga teacher training in 1999 through her most recent in 2019 (to upgrade her teaching certification from ERYT 200 to include RYT 500) she has found the philosophical/theoretical underpinnings of yoga to seamlessly merge with a holistic view of life that feeds her understanding of human consciousness and the perspective through which she also works with clients psycho-energetically in her private practice, Holoflective Healing (see for more information on her offerings). In 2003 she completed a master’s degree integrating Eastern, Western, and somatic psychology with a thesis about subtle awareness that remains the linchpin to all of her work. She has specialized in teaching workshops using the subtle body as a comprehensive framework with correspondences to ancient philosophy and modern psychology.


Carrie’s yoga classes are a creative mix of flowing sequences and classical postures/practices that incorporate subtle/somatic attunements and nuanced technical alignments (sprinkled with some earthly affection and humor). With suggested modifications or variations, everyone is encouraged to tailor their practice to their particular needs as well as their interest to explore or progress. Carrie’s hope for those practicing with her is that they have a meditatively rich, physically satisfying, multi-dimensional experience of themselves that supports each heart in remembering itself purely.

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