About Our Studio

A yoga studio in the heart of Sacramento offering an array of yoga, wokshops, trainings and more. Local favorite, founded in 2000.

Our 6 Pillars

Our 6 Pillars are the foundation of our community. They inform our actions and influence our communication.
With our 6 Pillars as our guide, we can change the world. This means taking care of ourselves and the earth, supporting local communities, creating inclusive spaces, staying curious and humble, and seeking out peace at every opportunity.
Be Community

We’re stronger together when we reach out and support one another.

Be Green

The care, respect, and protection of our planet is tied to our own well-being.

Be Peace

We cultivate harmony – inside and worldwide.

Be Assessable

Yoga is for everyone! All abilities, bodies, and backgrounds are welcome with open arms.

Be Healthy

A healthy practice leads to healthy choices for the mind, body and spirit.

Live To Learn

To be anything – we must learn. Stay humble, curious, and passionate.

More About Us

Our needs can be different each time we step onto our mats.  At FUSION, we believe that it’s important to consider how we’re showing up on any given day and decide what’s best for us… honoring the first tenant of yoga, which is “ahimsa,” (cause no-harm to oneself or others).

We recognize that some days our bodies crave a “work-out,” making them stronger, more flexible, or to detoxify them in some way… and other times it’s more appropriate and advanced to turn inward or “work-in,” as it’s our hearts and minds that need nurturing, restoring, expansiveness, space.  As we explore our interior landscape, our practice might reveal that sometimes doing less, is often times doing more.

We offer traditional Hatha yoga classes that are geared toward developing a deeper understanding of the postures along with techniques used to focus our minds while we practice our yoga.  These classes are labeled as “YOGA BASICS” classes and provide specific alignment instructions and guidance as you learn how to stream-line and fine-tune your thoughts and concentration skills.  We also offer  “Flow” classes where we transition with strength and grace from pose to pose, generating internal heat.   Oftentimes elements of both are in most classes – as well as yoga therapy.

Our class temperatures range from 74 to 84 degrees (comfortable).  Please note that if practicing in a warmed room isn’t appropriate for your particular health condition, please contact FrontDesk@FusionYogaSac.com for guidance in selecting a class that would be best suited for your needs.

As our practice begins to mature and ripen, we learn how to take our practice off our mat and into our daily lives… that the same coping skills and tools we learn on the mat when we’re in a challenging or stressful position, can likewise be applied to our interactions with others as we ultimately work to develop a better understanding of ourselves.   Although one path might be considered “traditional” in nature, and the other a more contemporary approach (flow classes), they both take us on the same journey and arrive at the same destination. Both ways of practicing can provide equal benefits, that is, to restore our body, mind, hearts, and spirit, while diving deep within.

Take a moment to pause…
Close your eyes… breathe deep and  l o n g….
Be still… be quiet….
Feel your hard edges….
Feel your tender places.
How do YOU feel today….?

May the path you choose lead you home.