Balance Basics

A Yoga Basics class with an emphasis on improving balance and posture.

Gentle Yoga  | Rest & Renewal

A “lighter” approach to yoga.  Great entry point for newbies but also beneficial for those managing an

illness or are recovering from an injury or surgery, as  well as those that are concerned that age, fitness

level, or weight might make being part of a class uncomfortable or seemingly impossible.

Karma Yoga

A Yoga Basics class taught at a level suitable for all.  Suggested donation $7-$20. (Free for those who can’t afford our regular classes).

Mellow Mix Yoga

Typically conducted at or near the wall.  Modified yoga postures may be included and various props may

be utilized for this class (including foam rollers for self-massage.) Perfect for anyone who likes a mellow class.

Slow Flow + Core

Flowing sequence of poses that are SLOWLY paced with additional emphasis on developing core strength.

Somatic Yoga

Simple floor-based yoga poses combined with meditative somatic movement.  Appropriate for ALL, including those with injuries. Therapeutic.

Therapeutic Yoga

An EXTRA gentle yoga class that’s designed to help restore health & vitality while honoring bodies that don’t like to be pushed too hard.  Various techniques and styles may be used including Somatic Yoga, Yin Yoga, “wall work,” modified traditional yoga poses, & more. Ideal for those who need/want a careful and gradual approach to yoga and movement.  All bodies, ages, and abilities are welcome. Chairs available, if needed.

Yin Yoga

Floor-based postures held for an extended period of time.  A quieter practice.

Yoga Basics

For any student who wants a better understanding of the practice.  Includes basic foundational poses with an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.  If you’re healthy and relatively active, it’s a good place to start.

Yoga Basics + Core

A Yoga Basics class w/ extra emphasis placed on engaging & strengthening the body’s core.

Yoga Basics + Yoga Nidra

A Yoga Basics class that includes Yoga Nidra  (deep relaxation).

Yoga Fusion

Well-rounded practice that energizes and calms the nervous system through a combination of flowing sequences and held postures. Classic poses and transitions with fine-tuned alignments and creative variations increase core and overall strength and flexibility. Meditative attunement and breathwork can deepen the practice.

Good for continuing or generally fit beginners through intermediate and above.

Fusion Flow

Like Yoga Fusion, a well-rounded practice but with more opportunities for vinyasas (flowing transitions) as well as potentially more challenging variations or add-ons (always optional as plenty of choices and modifications are offered for everyone to tailor to their needs). Faster-paced and sweat-inducing for many.

Good for those with some experience of flow or generally fit beginners through intermediate and above.