Pilates & Reformer Private Sessions

with Bridget Wells

What is Pilates..?
Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that emphasizes precision and alignment in movement. Pilates exercises are designed to make sure the spine is well-supported by the core muscles. Pilates starts from the body’s core with isolated movements then increases ranges of motion in challenging and creative ways. With thoughtful, careful movement, Pilates helps build strength, improve joint stability, and enhance overall mobility.  The exercises can dramatically increase body awareness. making both simple and complex movements more natural.  Pilates improves posture, balance, and coordination. Pilates can complement your wellness program, without jarring impact, and at a very low risk of injury. You will leave every session feeling strong and invigorated, not exhausted. 
What is a Reformer..?
The Reformer was designed by Joseph Pilates with the aim of applying the techniques used in mat exercises to more intense training and to a greater variety of exercises.  A Reformer has a frame with a flat platform or carriage on it.  Wheels allow the carriage to roll back and forth smoothly. It has a system of springs and pulleys that provide resistance to the movements directed at specific muscle groups. Exercises can be done lying down, seated, kneeling, or standing.


Cost – Scheduling and payments are made directly with Bridget Wells by emailing birdbudde@yahoo.com or (720) 625-0900.

  • One-hour sessions will include a full program for the entire body, including mat and reformer exercises.
  • Sessions are available as singles for $50 or packages of 5 for $200.

About Bridget…  Bridget Wells has been teaching yoga at Fusion since 2017.  She is working on her 500 hours Comprehensive Pilates Certification.  In addition to Fusion’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, she has trained with YogaFit.  She has held Group Fitness and Personal Training certifications.  She has a passion for the anatomy of movement and improving clients’ mobility.