Hypno-Therapy & Holographic Energy Work

with Carrie Meyer, MA, CCHT



Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation or absorption. Hypnotherapy invokes and deepens this natural state, eliciting the cooperation of your nervous system and subconscious to enable wanted changes in mind, body, and behavior. Where linear approaches to healing or psychological change may sometimes fall short, a comprehensive approach with hypnotherapy elicits a creative, healing intelligence within you to initiate positive transformation toward specific aims such as: ceasing unwanted/unhealthy habits, healing emotional wounds, diminishing fears and phobias, approaching a daunting medical/dental procedure, or a test, presentation, or performance with more ease and calm, advancing toward a personal goal or reaching a greater potential through overcoming constraints such as self-doubt and increasing self-esteem, and much more.

As a holistic practitioner Carrie attends to the big picture as well as the specific concerns of each client. Along with a vast educational and experiential background, she brings a wealth of resources including an insightful capacity to facilitate and support your process of healing and growth.

Holographic Energy Work 

Holographic Energy Work is a unique energetic healing modality that addresses your broad consciousness spectrum (from deeply unconscious, inherited, and instinctual levels through emotional, mental, and subtler/spiritual levels).

During a session, Carrie conducts a high-frequency healing current into your energy field and reads the feedback as psycho-energetic patterns reflecting/affecting various aspects of your inner and outer life. As the energy work accelerates the awakening and clearing of unconscious layers of conditioning that may have kept you stuck, in conflict, or on some level not well/harmonious, it further enables your system to integrate new information which helps you to actualize the potential of your ongoing evolution.

Debriefing with you after the energy work, Carrie interprets the patterns she has perceived in your energy field to enhance your self-understanding and further considerations for self-care. Various possible effects include: stress relief (whether stress stems from daily pressures, previous trauma, the challenge of navigating through a major life transition, or unconscious factors); release or softening of deep conditioning (that has possibly shown up in strenuous emotional patterns, unhealthy habits, relational conflicts, or stagnation); increased physical resilience or vitality; enhanced well-being, self-awareness, compassion, productivity, creativity, congruence, and more. For some, it feels like an upgrade to a higher version of oneself.


For more information go to www.carriejmeyer.com or contact Carrie at info@carriejmeyer.com.