First things first!  Pick a class to take …

From our home page, click the red “SCHEDULE” button.  In the top right corner of the schedule page, there’s a place for you to create a user name and password – do that.  Be sure to include your email address and mobile number.

Select a class you’d like to try, and click “SIGN-UP NOW.”  Please note that each class and time is listed twice – one is for in-studio and the other for livestream.  (If you’re coming TO the studio, then be sure you select the “IN-STUDIO” option.  If you’re taking the class from home, then select “LIVESTREAM.”  If you aren’t feeling well, if you have a fever or cough, for the health and well-being of others, please join us from home by selecting the livestream option, until you are well again.)

  • If you’re working with an injury, have a health condition, are pregnant, or just want to start on the soft side (always a good idea :), try our Therapeutic, Somatic, Mellow, or Gentle Yoga classes.
  • If you’re reasonably active and healthy, don’t have any serious injuries that would affect your ability to participate, or like jumping right in, then consider our Basics, Core, Balance, or Slow Flow classes.

Proceed to the check-out.  We have several pricing options which will be listed.  (To view them beforehand, from our home page, click “YOGA CLASSES,” then “PRICING OPTIONS.”  Enter your payment info and complete the transaction.

When coming to the studio for class …
  • Bring your yoga mat (we have loaners, if needed). If you have your own yoga blocks, strap, blanket, etc., bring them along too!  We have ones you can borrow, but you use them at your own risk. (A beach towel makes a great substitute for a blanket.)
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend and move easily.  We practice with bare feet, so be sure yours are clean and fresh 🙂  Consider dressing in layers if you have a tendency to run cool.
  • For your comfort, avoid eating a heavy meal before class.
  • A bottle of water and hand towel are optional, but are nice to have.
  • Park anywhere on the street, or on our side of our parking lot.  (We have a bike rack if you want to ride over.)  Be sure to leave your cellphone and extraneous items in your locked trunk.
  • When you arrive, stop at the front desk to check-in.  We’ll show you around and help you get settled in.  You may be asked to sign a release form if it wasn’t completed online beforehand.
  • To cancel a reservation, log into your account with us (top right corner of the class SCHEDULE page).  Go to MY INFO, then MY SCHEDULE and cancel your reservation.  If you need help, please email or text (916) 600-6557.
  • Aren’t feeling well…?  PLEASE PRACTICE FROM HOME by taking our classes via livestream or by recording.
If you’re attending class via LIVSTREAM (ZOOM) from home…
  • Make a reservation on the SCHEDULE page – be sure to select the LIVESTREAM option (NOT in-studio).  You’ll receive an email confirmation which will include the link to get you into the class.
  • When class time rolls around, sign-on early (10-15 minutes before start time).  The teacher will admit you from our virtual waiting room when s/he are ready to get started.
  • If you don’t have a Zoom account (it’s free) or the app installed on your device, you’ll need to do that first.  (Try to do that in advance to avoid any delays.)
  • The teacher will most likely chat with you and others before the class begins. We can better help you if you let us know in advance if you’re working with an injury/illness etc. so that we can offer modifications for you.  (You can speak up if your microphone is on and talk to the teacher directly, although there is also a “chat” feature in Zoom that allows you to text the teacher directly.)  If your condition is serious, it’s best to alert us at least a few hours  before the class starts by emailing us at or text 916-600-6557.
  • Be sure your yoga space is ready for you.  Have your yoga mat and any props or tools you’ll be using available as well.
  • When class is about to begin, the teacher will turn off your camera and microphone, so that no one can see or hear you once class starts.  (If you know how to do it on your own, you can do that yourself as well.)
  • After class is over, you’re welcome to turn on your camera and wave goodbye, or turn on your microphone and say “goodbye,” or talk to the instructor if you like.  You can also drift away without jumping back online… although we’d love to say good bye if you’re up for it.
To take a recorded class …
  • On the class SCHEDULE page, make a reservation for the LIVESTREAM class (just as you would if you were going to be participating live from home via Zoom).
  • Once the class is over and the video has processed, we’ll automatically email you the link to the recording.  (Typically within 30 minutes to three hours after the class)  You’ll have three days to take the class before the link expires.
  • If you want to take a class that’s already happened, please text (916) 600-6557 and let us know the date and time of the class you’d like to take, and we’ll send it over as soon as we can.  We’ll deduct one class from your current pass for each time the class is taken.  (If you’re on an unlimited pass, it’s included.)
Other key points for practicing …
  • When it comes to your body, YOU are the expert!  If something doesn’t feel right to you, listen to your inner teacher and over-ride the instructor.  Keep in mind that everything we offer is optional, so you can pick-and-choose what you do.
  • We’ll get you into the general shape of a pose, but it will be up to you to take it a few steps further and customize it based on what feels right to you (make the pose “yours”).  Postures are meant to be adapted to the individual and their needs, not the other way around!  (We all experience postures differently as our genetics and life experiences are unique to us.)
  • Never push into pain!  Pain is a warning that an injury might occur.  Listen and watch for it.  Always move slowly into a pose with a lot of feeling awareness and be curious about what you’re feeling.  Most of the time, we’re searching for a warm, pulling, stretching kind of sensation in our bodies – that is, it should never feel overly sharp or intense… just mild discomfort that you intuit as being beneficial.
  • Since everything is optional and you have complete sovereignty over your own body, if you aren’t comfortable trying something, don’t – or play with it and see what you can do that’s similar.  Remember, you can stop at any time and can rest until you feel ready to resume.  Teachers will typically offer variations and modifications as well as props/tool which can be helpful if you’re new to the practice.
  • Avoid watching others.  Instead watch the teacher who will be demonstrating the postures as they’re teaching them.  (Others could be modifying their postures based on what’s right for them, but it may not be suitable for you.)  It’s always best to follow along with the teacher. And since yoga isn’t meant to be competitive, there’s no need to compare yourself to another!  Let go of doing it perfectly and allow yourself to be a beginner.

Most importantly – always practice safely and mindfully and try to ENJOY your practice… have fun with it and be light!

Please contact us if you have any questions by texting or calling us at (916) 600-6557. 

We look forward to helping you get started ~ Welcome to FUSION YOGA!