Lorna Lindstrom

Yoga Teacher
Sacramento, California
(916) 600-6557

Lorna took her first yoga class way back in the 70s when she was a young college student, and has practiced on-and-off throughout her life. A recently retired 23-year school teacher, she brought yoga into her classroom every Thursday afternoon to legions of third through firth graders throughout her career. Two tubs filled with yoga mats were a curriculum staple in her room! She holds a Masters of Art in Education with an emphasis on incorporating movement-based activities into standard based teaching. Her goal was to teach “learning in a moving way.” (She also taught Water Aerobics for 15 years in various clubs around Sacramento.)

Other activities she is enjoying in her retirement include – hiking and walking in beautiful places, enjoying a variety of dance classes, reading, learning to knit, dining and hanging out with friends, and walking her dog, Athena.

As a 2022 graduate of Fusion Yoga Studio’s teacher training program, she endeavors to teach a gentle, restorative, and stress-relieving class. She herself enjoys a calm, soothing yoga that helps keep her strong and flexible. Being well, happy and peaceful is her daily mantra 🙂

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